Campaign 2

My “main” group that I’ve been playing with since 2021. Campaign #1 was when our friend (currently playing Eldrith) was DM and teaching the rest of us how to play. Campaign #2 started when I took over as DM.

Now Playing

Dragon of Icespire Peak (D&D 5th Edition Official Adventure)

The Party

Eldrith Aetos

— Fire Genasi (he/him) | Wizard (6) —

A wizard of his 5th season, apprenticed to the Arcane Brotherhood out of Luskan, home to the Host Tower, where he worked in procurement under Alecto Lavant the Ever Read as the Junior Steward to the vault of the Host Tower.

Left-Handed Hummingbird

A tabaxi monk.

— Tabaxi (she/her) | Monk (6) —

Hailing from lands to the south, Bird is on a journey to collect stories to bring back home to share. She also has a tendency to collect people.

Miala Liadon

— Drow (she/her) | Fighter (6) —

After seeing her mother turned into a drider for turning her back on Lolth, Miala fled to the surface and has been taking odd jobs ever since.


A yuan-ti paladin.

— Yuan-Ti (he/him) | Paladin (6) —

Once an elvish paladin, Skolis was turned into a yuan-ti and has spent the last ten years trying to undo the curse.


A firbolg cleric.

— Firbolg (he/him) | Cleric (6) —

After discovering that his people were worshipping a trickster god, not the deity of the forest that they thought, he attempted to warn them but was exiled from his home.

Previous Party Members


— Human (she/her) | Barbarian (6) —

Bhaurb left her home seeking adventure and found it in the form of a party of misfits that she met in Phandalin. Bhaurbeah of Triboar, Slayer of Cryovain, Hero of Phandalin, was last seen heading back home hauling the skull of the recently-slain white dragon, Cryovain, to enjoy some well-earned downtime.


— Wood Elf (he/him) | Fighter (5) —

In 2023, I was dealing with some DM burnout so my wife took over and I played Lîf for a few sessions. Magically transported from the land of Loreign, Lîf inadvertently swapped places with Bird (my wife) for several days before he managed to figure out the magical tune on his ocarina that returned him to Loreign and brought Bird back to Faerûn.


— Lizardfolk (he/him) | Druid (3) —

Zozk traveled with the party during their early days in Amn. He was last seen leaving to escort the group’s patron back to his home in Baldur’s Gate.

Family Campaign

A game that I’m running with my wife and my brother. They are often my guinea pigs for trying out home-brew and variant rules.

Now Playing

Phandalin & Below: The Shattered Obelisk (D&D 5th Edition Official Adventure)

The Party


— Dragonborn (he/him) | Warlock (3) —

Sidekick: Gee

— Kobold (he/him) | Expert (3) —


— Wood Elf (she/her) | Fighter (3) —

Sidekick: Stelios, aka Scrufflebutt

— Satyr (he/him) | Spellcaster (3) —

Last updated: 4th March 2024