About Me

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Hi, I’m Rafe.

That’s pronounced “RAYF”, though a few still call me by my birth name (Matt) or my high school nickname (Ratt).

Pronouns: he/him/his

Professionally, I am an Apple- and CompTIA-certified iPhone & PC repair technician with over 4 years of experience. Prior to my current position, I was an automotive maintenance technician and tire specialist for over 7 years. Additionally, I have several years of combined experience in construction, customer service, manufacturing, retail, and warehousing.

Really, though, I’m just an awkward dork fumbling through life, doing my best to be a good dad, husband, and human being. I love spending time with family & friends, playing Dungeons & Dragons, going on random road trips, and taking long walks in the mountains.

It is really disappointing how few people ask what our favorite things are as an adult, so here’s a few of mine. Consider this me officially asking you:, “what are a few of your favorite things?” Tweet me @RafeLangston!

  • Animal?
    • Capybara! They’re adorable and super freaking chill!
  • Band?
    • I’d have to say that Gloryhammer and Wind Rose are tied for my current favorite band, though my all-time favorite is blink-182 because their music is hugely responsible for me surviving junior high and high school.
  • Color?
    • I’ll have to go with teal, but I generally like any neutral/cool color.
  • Dinosaur?
    • Pachycephalosaurus. I know recent discoveries show that they probably didn’t use their skulls as battering rams, like in The Lost World, but I still love them.
  • Movie?
    • Jurassic Park, hands-down. I’m no movie critic but nobody will ever convince me that it is not the absolute peak of cinematic perfection.
  • TV show?
  • Video game?
    • The video game that I most enjoy playing now is Skyrim (I have it on just about every platform) but my all-time favorite video game will forever be Ocarina of Time.