About Me

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Hi, I’m Rafe.

That’s pronounced “RAYF”, though a few still call me by my birth name (Matt) or my high school nickname (Ratt).

Pronouns: he/him/his

Professionally, I am an Apple- and CompTIA-certified iPhone & PC repair technician with over 4 years of experience. Prior to my current position, I was an automotive maintenance technician and tire specialist for over 7 years. Additionally, I have several years of combined experience in construction, customer service, manufacturing, retail, and warehousing.

Really, though, I’m an awkward dork fumbling through life, doing my best to be a good dad, husband, and human being. I love spending time with family & friends, playing Dungeons & Dragons, going on random road trips, and taking long walks in the mountains.

As for the socials, Twitter is where I’m most active and the easiest way to reach me but you can also find me on YouTube where I livestream games and vlog randomly. I post iPhone photography over on Instagram as well.

How about some fun[citation needed] facts about me? It is really disappointing how few people ask what our favorite things are as an adult, so here’s a few of mine. Consider this me officially asking you: “What are a few of your favorite things?” Tweet me your answers @RafeLangston!

  • Animal?
    • Capybara! They’re adorable and super freaking chill!
  • Band?
    • I’d have to say that Gloryhammer and Wind Rose are tied for my current favorite band, though my all-time favorite is blink-182 because their music is hugely responsible for me surviving junior high and high school.
  • Color?
    • As a 90s kid, I’ll have to go with teal, the official color of the 90s, but I generally like any neutral or cool color.
  • Dinosaur?
    • Pachycephalosaurus. I know recent discoveries show that they probably didn’t use their skulls as battering rams, like what originally made me like them from The Lost World, but I still love them.
  • Movie?
    • Jurassic Park, hands-down. I’m no movie critic but nobody will ever convince me that it is not the absolute peak of cinematic perfection.
  • TV show?
  • Video game?
    • The video game that I most enjoy playing now is Skyrim (I have it on just about every platform) but my all-time favorite video game will forever be Ocarina of Time.