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Dad. Husband. IT Dude. Dungeon Master. Dork.

Hi! I'm Rafe (pronounced “Rayf”) but I typically go by either my high school nickname, Ratt, or some variation of “Shartifartblast” online, because I'm juvenile like that. Currently, I live in Utah, USA, with my wife, and our two kids.


I've been working in Information Technology for about 5 ½ years as of this writing, currently as a Computer Technician at Job Corps with a little over a year under my belt. Previously, I worked as an “Advanced Repair Agent” and “Apple Pro” at Geek Squad for a little over 4 years. Then, in what feels like a previous life at this point, I worked in various non-IT roles mostly in automotive and construction but also customer support, production, retail, and warehousing.


My main creative outlet is Dungeons & Dragons, writing and running 5th Edition adventures with family & friends, but also playing around with various “homebrew” rules that enhance the game beyond how it was written. Other activities that I enjoy are board games, camping, hiking, reading, and road tripping.

Last Updated: 19th February 2024