I don’t like it….

Recently, I gave this blog a facelift. After hours of thinking and tweaking with the design, I picked something minimalist and clean then spent several more hours designing the logo to match. Clean, simple, and modern.

I’m no graphic artist, but in my untrained eye that’s the look I went for and successfully achieved.

Now I have a problem: I hate it.

It’s not bad – if it weren’t for my personal blog, it would be nice. The issue is that the design doesn’t fit me and my personality at all. I get the same sensation looking at my blog as I do when I see a wax figure; it’s wrong. It’s sanitary. Fake. And that makes it ugly. I focused so much on making it pretty, I totally forgot to put some of myself in it.

So, another overhaul is in order and will be coming soon! It won’t be as pretty but, simply put, IDGAF.

*grabs duct tape*