Dungeons & Dragons Recap – LMoP Session #5

An AI generated image of Droop the Goblin from the D&D adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver.

It's been too long! Got to run a session for our Lost Mine of Phandelver family campaign last night! With all the chaos over the past few months, we just haven't had time to play. Plus, the kids finally joined in! The party is now Rinn the elf fighter (my wife), Nova the dragonborn warlock (my brother), Mylo the human expert (older offspring), and Leo the tortle warrior/mage (younger offspring).

The kids are using characters using slightly-homebrewed sidekick rules from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything for now while they get used to playing. I've found for newbie players this is much easier than a full character sheet.

After meeting the two new party members and getting a night's rest at Stonehill Inn, the party learned that the Redbrand they had interrogated the day before, Barteo Keene, had burgled the home of Arassost Russarocco, an elderly elf farmer, stealing many valuables, among which was a locket, the last thing Arassost had of his late wife.

The party infiltrated the Rebrand's Hideout, created an alliance with Ssarnak the nothic, then rescued Droop the goblin and the Dendrar family, all without raising an alarm – so far…

Hoping to get another chance to play tonight. 🤞

Disclaimer: The image above was generated using AI.


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