VOD: Two Bodies and A Night in Jail

Shartz the Orc’s Adventures in Morrowind, Episode 3

Shartz runs into trouble while carrying out his orders for the Fighter’s Guild in Balmora.

For this stream, I installed the “Morrowind Comes Alive” mod on top of the existing mods that I installed for the previous stream. This mod improves immersion, making Morrowind feel less static, empty, and boring by adding randomized NPCs that come and go, traveling from town to town, and going about their business.

VOD: Shartz Joins the Fighter’s Guild

Shartz the Orc’s Adventures in Morrowind, Episode 2

In this episode, following Caius’ suggestion to join one of the major guilds in town, Shartz joins the Fighter’s Guild and takes on a few quests to begin climbing through the ranks there.

For this stream, I installed the “Morrowind Graphics Extender XE” mod to play in HD and get a graphical boost, plus the “Morrowind Code Patch” to squash some bugs that were never officially patched.

Productivity sans social media

Well, it’s been one full day with no social media and it wasn’t only the most productive day that I’ve had in a long time, it was also one of my better mental health days. We got a bunch of old, busted furniture taken to the dump, a ton of boxes of stuff taken to storage, our living room cleaned & reorganized, and a D&D session planned out. Feeling pretty confident that I made the right decision – but, to be fair, it’s only been a day so we’ll see how it goes.