Windows 11 leaked!

Image credit: The Verge

Sure, it’s an early build but I’m less disappointed than I expected myself to be, to be totally honest. Then again, that’s how I felt with early versions of Windows 8, before Microsoft removed the ability to disable the Start screen and bring back a Windows 7-style Start menu despite everybody testing it screaming at them to keep it. I’m not still salty about that or anything.

Not to be a negative Nancy, there are some things that I don’t like, though….

The centered, ChromeOS-style taskbar is annoying and the new Start menu isn’t great. Thankfully, the taskbar can reportedly be set back to the left and (I assume) Open-Shell will still work as an option to get a better Start menu if there’s no baked-in way to go back.

Taskbar left-aligned (thankfully!). | Image credit: The Verge

One thing that I want to see that isn’t implemented, at least of the version that leaked, is a dark mode for all windows. Right now, in Windows 10, some system windows like the Run dialog, Taskmgr, Winver, and anything that runs using MMC, are still light when Windows is in dark mode and that’s annoying. I use all of those a lot and, when you have certain visual issues (in my case: cataracts), it’s incredibly obnoxious because they get a halo of light that obscures everything surrounding them.

While live tiles had finally grown on me, I’m down with widgets coming back – hopefully with some security in mind this time around. The rounded corners on the UI elements also makes the OS look more modern and I’m probably more excited than is appropriate to have macOS-style window snap controls that can be accessed via the “maximize” button.

All-in-all, assuming there’s been no massive changes since this version (again, it’s all from an early version that possibly does not reflect the final product), it looks like a polished Windows 10. I can dig it.

While taking it all with a grain of salt, I’m definitely looking forward to getting an Insider build as soon as possible once my big boi desktop is up and running again. Let’s face it, though, Microsoft’s track record with consumer versions of Windows has been pretty steady: XP good, Vista bad, 7 good, 8.x bad, 10 good, 11… crosses fingers.

There’s more, so please go check out the article over on the Verge!

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