Goodbye and Hello

My 10+ year old Twitter account no longer exists. RIP.

It is done. With a couple of exceptions, I have nuked all of my social media accounts and canceled the renewal of the awkwardprimate domain.

“AwkwardPrimate” is no more.

As for the exceptions that I mentioned, I’m keeping YouTube and Reddit because they are useful and I have a lot of things saved to them that I don’t want to lose, though all of the content on my “personal” YouTube channel is in the process of being deleting. Then there’s my Facebook account. There’s a lot of photos and videos that I need to make sure are downloaded before I delete that. There are videos of my older son as a baby and my dad that I definitely do not want to lose.

Aside from those couple of accounts, starting today and for the next six months this will be my only public online presence.

After so many years of constantly thinking about social media, it’s going to be strange and difficult but I’m certain it’ll be a very positive experience in the end and I’m excited for that.

So, what do I plan to do during this time? I’m not going to stop creating stuff. If anything, I’m hoping this will fuel my creativity. I plan to read, hike, camp, drive, write, paint, fix, learn, explore, photograph, record, and have fun. The only difference is that I’ll be ignoring the urge to immediately share it with the whole freaking world.

I also plan to keep updating this blog regularly with thoughts and occasional updates on what I’m doing so stay tuned!

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